Dr. Charles Crutchfield III

DR. CHARLES CRUTCHFIELD III is the consulting dermatologist to virtually every major professional sports team in Minnesota. His flourishing Eagan practice boasts that he, personally and individually, treats each patient. Dr. Crutchfield was trained at the Mayo Clinic, where he is now a Clinical Professor. The Crutchfield family is one of Minnesota’s most well-known families, involved in medicine, in the law, and in a host of civic and charitable activities. The Crutchfield Foundation was established to assist the less fortunate, and people of color, and has started the careers of an untold number of beneficiaries of its educational scholarships. Dr. Curtchfield is also one of two dermatologists in the world who can boast of having a shark (the maritime kind) as a patient.

Dr. Crutchfield is a Sponsor of our show – we are grateful!

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