Upcoming Programs


Upcoming Schedule from our Eagan studios (or at home)

Some of the interviews will be conducted on Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Hon. David Lillehaug, MN Supreme Court (ret.)
  • Hon. Paul Anderson, MN Supreme Court (ret.)
  • Meg Tilly, Eagan City Council
  • Craig R. Lisher, Federal Bureau  of Investigation
  • Kevin Smith, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Sheriff Tim Leslie, Dakota County
  • Sheriff Tim Hutchinson, Hennepin County
  • Cong. Angie Craig, MN 2nd Congressional District
  • Jason Adkins, CEO, MN Catholic Conference
  • Dr. Charles Crutchfield
  • Doron Jensen, Jensen’s Food & Cocktails
  • David Housewright, prize winning author & novelist
  • Lt. Col. Colin Fleming, MN National Guard
  • Brian Freeman, Author  & Novelist
  • Dr. Chaunda Scott, Educator
  • Anthony Scott, Educator
  • Brian Ryks, MSP
  • Behind the Game, featuring diverse interviews with well-k now sports figure
  • Susan Bower, U.S. Census Bureau
  • Erin Parish, AARP Advocacy & Outreach
  • Elan Chargo & Ilan Sinelnikov, SSI, Student college organizers
  • Maureen Scallen Failor, Pres., Dakota Cty. Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • David Noah, entrepreneur
  • Many of these interviews will be conducted by our talented Guest Hosts