2-9-2018 Rep. Sandy Masin, MN House District 51A

Rep. Sandy Masin, Minnesota House District 51A, is running for her 6th term. Among her many accomplishments in a district which includes most of northern Burnsville and the western half of Eagan, Sandy sponsored or co-sponsored 61 bills in the last session. The 2018 session is primarily designated as a “bonding” session, although many other items are on the agenda, including some carry over bills from the 2017 session. Rep Masin’s website is http://masin4rep.org.
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2-9-2018 Professor David Schultz

Prof. David Schultz, of Hamline Univ. has been both a frequent guest and guest host on Access to Democracy.  A prolific writer, he has authored numerous books, hundreds of articles, and is frequently sought after for his political insight. He is a frequent media guest on radio and television, and teaches courses in several other countries in both Europe and Asia.
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Justice D. Stras Confirmed for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

Access to Democracy  guest HON. DAVID STRAS of the MN Supreme Court, has been confirmed in his appointment to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the nation’s second highest level courts. The Eighth Circuit has two offices, in St. Louis and in St. Paul, and has jurisdiction in eight, mostly mid-western states. Congratulations, Justice Stras!

See Justice Stras’ interviews here, here, here, here, and here.

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1-26-2018 Drs. Charles Crutchfield II and III

DR. CHARLES II, a first time guest and a gynecologist who has delivered more than 10,00 babies, appeared with his son, DR. CHARLES CRUTCHFIELD III, nationally noted dermatologist and Access to Democracy sponsor, discuss their amazing family history going back generations, and tracing their family of numerous professionals from slavery to national prominence.
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1-26-2018 Sheriff Tim Leslie

Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie has become a regular annual guest on Access to Democracy. Today he discussed with Alan the impact of the Super Bowl on his office, the problems caused by “blizzard” of ’18, the use of drones, the latest court rulings on DNA samplings from arrestees, educational programs in the County Jail, and other items of interest to viewers.
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1-12-2018 Richard Thornton, FBI Agent-in-Charge Minneapolis & Lisher, FBI Acting Associate Division Counsel

RICHARD THORNTON, Special Agent in Charge of the Minneapolis Division of the FBI, and Acting Associate Division FBI Counsel CRAIG LISHER, both first time guests on Access to Democracy are interviewed by RICK KING, frequent guest and guest host, about preparations for the upcoming Super Bowl, other aspects of law enforcement duties of the FBI, as well as some of their Outreach programs.
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