11-30-2018 Matt Goldman, Author

Matt Goldman, has seen his life go full circle. Originally from Minnesota, he pursued a career as a stand-up comic. He then migrated to the West Coast where he was rewarded with an Emmy, nominated for another, and worked on 500 scripts, including stints with both the Seinfeld and Ellen shows. Now a Twin Cities-based novelist, his latest novel, “Broken Ice” is set in Minnesota, and his next novel, “Shallows,” will be released in several months. He shared his background with Alan.


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11-30-2018 Phil Riveness and Bill Schreiber

Former 3-term House and 3-term Senate member Phil Riveness (DFL), and former 9-term House member Bill Schreiber (GOP) came to Access to Democracy and discussed with guest-host Richard Logan how bipartisanship worked a couple of decades ago compared to today.

These retired public servants shared stories about finding common ground on issues to keep the state functioning well. Minnesotans benefited from this “good government” ethic. While disagreeing on HOW to solve problem, Republicans and Democrats agreed on the facts surrounding issues in MN.

Among other reasons, bipartisanship worked then because of the informal gatherings of legislators who mingled socially and got to know each other personally. Arranged trips took urban legislators to meet rural constituents, and vice versa. These activities built mutual understanding, trust, and a collegial culture among the legislators.

   [ Richard Logan ]

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11-16-2018 Mike McIntee, Executive Director, Eagan-TV

Eagan-TV, a valuable asset in our community, broadcasts high school sports, community events, local politics and more through a variety of channels, while summer camps and volunteering provide unique opportunities to residents. Mike McIntee, Executive Director of Eagan-TV, shares his inspiring vision for the future of our local television. Mike also explains pending changes by the FCC which would negatively impact the future of community television.


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11-16-2018 Andrew Pimental, Director Eagan Parks & Recreation

Parks and open space play a crucial role in maintaining a high quality of life in Eagan. Andrew Pimental, Eagan Parks Director, talks about new recreation opportunities and what’s planned in years ahead. Learn about goats and public art, budget constraints, and challenges with invasive plants and other threats to our natural environment, and how residents can become more involved with Eagan’s park system.


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11-9-2018 Paula Stein Clark, League of Women Voters

Paula Stein Clark co-founded the League of Women Voters (LWV) – Dakota County chapter in 2017. With membership over 100 and growing, this is one of the largest chapters in the metropolitan area. Paula discusses the benefits LWV brings to communities as a nonpartisan organization. She reminds viewers that civic responsibility goes beyond the voting booth, and describes how the chapter meetings and other events provide opportunities for people to stay engaged.


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11-9-2018 Sen. Jim Carlson

SENATOR JIM CARLSON, representiong MN Senate District 51, a frequent guest on Access to Democracy program since 2002, has unique perspectives on the 2018 Election which he shares with Alan and the Access to Democracy audiences. Jim, a native Minnesotan, is a compendium of historical information relating to politics in the state, and mentioned that MN is now the only state in the US with a split legislature, as a result of recapturing the MN House of Representative. Jim was not on the 2018 ballot..


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