Dr. Paulette Reikowski, Eagan High School Principal
[11- 8-2019]

Eagan High School in MN is a top rated public school and has received numerous awards and recognition for outstanding achievements. Principal Dr. Paulette Reikowski, the principal since 2002, talks with guest host Holly Jenkins about how the school prepares students for future success, and how Eagan High School helps students with challenges including the current vaping epidemic.


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DFL Chair Ken Martin

KEN MARTIN is not only the Chair of the MN DFL, but has been chosen as a Vice-President of the National Democratic Party. In 2018 he traveled to many different states to help in their elections, while at the same time delivering every MN Constitutional office to the DFL. An advocate of easing voting regulations so that all eligible citizens can exercise their franchise, Ken emphasized the importance of the 2020 Presidential election to our democracy.


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Sen. Jim Carlson, MN Senate District 51

When he first appeared on Access to Democracy in 2002, SEN. JIM CARLSON (MN SD51) was a private citizen. As he devoted himself to public service, now serving as a senior member of the MN Senate, he has been one of our most frequent, and most informed guests. With his photographic memory of the area’s history, he is always interesting. This past year, after a decade of trying, the Senate finally passed his “hands free” bill to protect citizens from drivers using cell phones while driving.

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Melodie Bahan, Executive Director of MN Film TV [10-25-2019]

Melodie Bahan, has been the Executive Director of MNFilmTV since 2017, charged with bringing motion picture productions and TV shows to Minnesota. Unlike other states, MN is only one of two states where the Film/TV office is not a part of state government. Working with a legislative grant of $500,000 MN has difficulty competing with other states which offer much greater incentives to film anf TV producers, and many projects slated for MN had to be declined as a result.

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10-25-2019 Ted Flaum, CEO Jewish Federation of St. Paul

Ted Flaum, is the new CEO of the Jewish Federation of St. Paul, a charitable organization which tries to improve the lives of the most needy and vulnerable people in the community, not just Jewish, but of all faiths, often working with other denominations. Ted has a long career in civic and charitable work, and he discussed with Alan his motivations and why he chose this calling over opportunities to earn a much greater income in other professions.


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10-11-2019 Former MN Governor Arne Carlson

Since leaving office in 1999, former Minnesota Governor Arne H. Carlson has remained active in politics giving speeches, endorsing candidates, and speaking out on issues. Remaining true to his convictions, he discusses the current values of the Republican party with guest host Holly Jenkins, and also sheds light on concerns and conflicts with the controversial topic of copper-nickel-sulfide mining near the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

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10-11-2019 Joe Ellickson, Director of Communications, City of Eagan

Joe Ellickson is the new Director of Communications for the City of Eagan. On the job since February 2019, he comes with a rich background in municipal government plus a stint as a combat photographer in the Marines. He and Alan discussed the many building projects and innovations which are part of Eagan’s charm, plus his vision and plans for the future.

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10-11-2019 Mark Frascone

Indivisible is a citizen’s protest group formed after the 2016 election. Mark Frascone who has been a guest on our show previously, is the local leader and explained how the group formed, its national prominence and dedication to Constitutional guarantees, and plans to protect those safeguards as the nation moves toward the 2020 national elections.

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