9-14-2018 Gary Hansen & Chadwick Vandarious

GARY HANSEN is a veteran Eagan City Council Member, and CHADWICK VANDARIOUS is a first time candidate seeking election to the Mendota Heights City Council. They were interviewed together and Alan got their differing perspectives and backgrounds regarding city government, its responsibilities and their perspectives for the future.
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9-14-2018 Dr. Charles Crutchfield

DR. CHARLES CRUTCHFIELD, one of the nation’s top dermotologists and an Access to Democracy program benefactor, has established The Crutchfield Foundation for a variety of charitable and civic endeavors. Later in September the Foundation is sponsoring a teen suicide prevention conference. During the summer, the Foundation had its annual Camp Crutchfield week for children with skin disorders.
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8-24-2018 Rick King, EVP Operations, Thomson Reuters

Rick King, EVP Operations for the Thompson Reuters Corp., has not only been a friend of “Access to Democracy”program over the years, but also a frequent guest and guest-host. Today he discusses with Alan the responsibilities of his job world-wide, the dangers of protecting cyber security for the numerous industrialized nations served by T/R, as well as Westlaw/Next, and how artificial intelligence looms as the way of the future.
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8-10-2018 Dr. Geoffrey Thompson

Dr. Geoffrey Thompson, a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, is head of the department’s Endocrine Surgery division, a Professor of Medicine at Mayo and one of America’s top surgeons. He was also Alan’s surgeon in his recent operation at the Mayo, and discusses the importance of the thyroid, along with displaying actual photos and diagrams of Alan’s surgery. He was recently the recipient of Mayo’s most prestigious award.
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8-10-2018 James Backstrom, Esq., Dakota County Attorney

James Backstrom, Esq., is the Dakota County Attorney, running unopposed in 2018 for his eighth term, an office which he has held since 1987. Well known as an Elvis impersonator in his private life, Backstrom and Alan talked about crime statistics in Dakota County, the proliferation and dangers of opioids and their drain on budgets as well as on law enforcement, and how criminal justice has changed in Backstrom’s decades of service.
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8-10-2018 Steve Hunegs, Executive Director JCRC

Steve Hunegs, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas. An attorney, Hunegs has been on Access to Democracy often over the years, discussing today the organization’s mission, affiliations with other religious and community leaders, and the proliferation of violence against religious communities worldwide.
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