Get to Know Access to Democracy Program

This video was created for us by the talented staff at Eagan-TV! Many of our volunteers got to tell their reason for being involved and what Access to Democracy means to them and to the community at large.

BIG THANK YOU Hailee, Josh, Dan, and Mike!!!

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Thank you SunThisWeek!

The SunThisWeek celebrated with us our 20th Anniversary!

[Click the image below to see the accompanying article]

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Access to Democracy in the News

We are in the News! In just a few days (September 12) we will mark the 20th Anniversary of Access to Democracy.

The SunThisWeek local newspaper, published an article on August 29, 2019 to help us celebrate this momentous occasion. You can see the article on their website. it is titled “‘Access to Democracy’ marks 20 years”.

Thank you Andy Rogers, the writer, and SunThisWeek! We are honored by your recognition.

From humble beginnings we grew to be a strong publc TV program in Eagan, now airing in nearly 30 other communities in Minnesota and beyond, and seen through our website and YouTube Channel in many countries where we have fans and ex-pats. Our program is supported by great sponsors (benefactors) as well as Thomson Reuters who was instrumental in making available the studios and equipment.

You can see our programs on our website here, and our Youtube Channel is here.

Eagan TV is our “home” and airs our program regularly on its channels. To see our programs in other locations, please consult your local public TV stations scheduling.

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8-23-2019 Kevin Lindsey, Minnesota Humanities Center

The Minnesota Humanities Center utilizes many humanities disciplines to focus on what unites us as a society rather than what divides us. New CEO Kevin Lindsey, formerly the Minnesota State Commissioner of the Department of Human Rights, shares with guest host Dane Smith the organization’s focus under his leadership. Lindsey played a significant role in the passage of Minnesota’s Women’s Security Act, and its Anti-Bullying Law.

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8-23-2019 Nick Woltman, St.Paul Pioneer Press

Nick Woltman reports on breaking news and local history for the St.Paul Pioneer Press. He has been the writer/editor for over a dozen of the paper’s Special Sections in the last few years. Woltman shares with Alan his progression from the Bismarck Tribune in North Dakota, to his current position, and they discussed the plight that print journalism has been enduring in this age of intellectual property dominance.

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8-2-2019 Dr. Lucinda Gruber, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Lucinda Gruber, an endocrinologist with the fabled Mayo Clinic in Rochester, traced her career from growing up on a farm in Kansas to becoming one of 3200 physicians at the Mayo, with a growing percentage of them being female. Dr. Gruber is involved in researching genetic variations which can cause endocrine tumors at a time when the Mayo has plans to double in size and add even more facilities to its world-leading reputation.

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8-2-2019 Dave Osberg, Eagan City Administrator

When Dave Osberg became only the second Eagan City Administrator in 2013, the city was just a quiet suburban community in southern Minnesota. (NOT, but we jest!) In these past six years the Cedarvale Shopping Outlet Mall has been completed opening over 100 stores, the Central Park Commons presents a new shopping concept on Yankee Doodle Road, the Municipal Center and City Hall is undergoing a complete renovation and new Police headquarters, new firehouses were built to house a permanent fire department, and the Minnesota Vikings have taken the former Northwest Airlines property and turned it into a mega-facility with headquarters, football fields, and an Omni Hotel under construction. Other than that, it’s been quiet.

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8-2-2019 David Leventhal, Cecil’s Deli

The survivor of thirteen New York style delicatessens in the Twin Cities, CECIL’S DELI is the only place where you can get a traditional corned beef sandwich on rye in a setting reminiscent of the traditional New York style. David Leventhal heads a crew of four generations of family members, who have staffed the restaurant, bakery and deli for over 70 years. Dave and his wife Sheila, daughter of the original owner, visit with patrons, share some humor, and make certain that the traditions are continued.

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