7-12-2019 Rep. Sandra Masin, MN House District 51A

Sandra (“Sandy”) MASIN, is serving her 6th term representing Minnesota House District 51A. Known as one of the most popular people in the House, Sandy has been able to work across the aisle on some important legislation, including passing a bill which will put an Equal Rights Amendment on the ballot to amend Minnesota’s Constitution. She also has worked tirelessly to lower the cost of insulin, and to combat the opioid crisis.

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7-12-2019 Ravi Rai, Toastmasters

TOASTMASTERS is an international organization, in its 94th year in over 140 nations. Ravi RAI is the District Director of Minnesota’s 6th District of Toastmasters, and has won numerous awards in the organization. A first time guest, he traces his personal story from India to his current position with the State of Minnesota and explains how Toastmasters has aided his self-confidence and ability to command an audience.

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7-12-2019 Matt Goldman, Author

Matt GOLDMAN, a native Minnesotan, started as a stand-up comic, became an Emmy Award winning writer for TV shows, including the Ellen and Seinfeld shows, and has returned to MN to launch his career as a novelist, writing the locally situated tales of Nils Shapiro, detective extraordinaire. His current 3rd volume, “The Shallows” has been very favorably reviewed and is selling well nationwide.

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6-28-2019 Rep. Angie Craig MN-CD2

Rep. Angie Craig, represents Minnesota’s Congressional District 2, and has had a very busy first five months in office. In addition to being one of a large class of new members of the 116th Congress, Rep. Craig hit the ground running. She introduced bills calling for preventing former members of Congress from lobbying, co-sponsored almost 100 other bills, and established relationships with members from the other side of the aisle for important issues such as water purification.

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6-28-2019 Prof. David Schultz

Prof. David Schultz, Hamline University. Prof. Schultz authored over 40 books on politics and is one of the most sought-after experts in the nation on politics by the media. He has also been a guest on Access to Democracy for over a decade, and has guest-hosted interviews as well. His latest book is “Presidential Swing States, 2nd ed.” He discussed with Alan some of the important issues facing our nation, and offered his expertise on possible solutions and pitfalls.

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5-31-2019 Author Brian Freeman

The prolific author and novelist Brian Freeman, has had a busy year. In addition to his highly successful novel, “The Crooked Street,” presently in bookstores, he was the 2019 winner of the prestigious MN Book Award for best novel, has an audio book “The Deep, Deep Snow” being released in June 2019, and was recently selected by Putnam to continue the Jason Bourne series by the late author Robert Ludlum. “The Bourne Conspiracy” will be released in mid-2020.

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5-31-2019 Mark Ritchie, President of Global Minnesota

Mark Ritchie, was recently named President of Global Minnesota, a non-profit seeking to keep Minnesota in the public eye worldwide. Ritchie, a former MN Secretary of State, is interviewed by guest host and former MN Supreme Court Justice Paul Anderson, and discussed his background and career. He was in office and presided over the recount in the famous Franken-Coleman U.S. Senatorial election.

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5-31-2019 Former Senator Dave Durenberger

Former Senator Dave Durenberger, represented Minnesota in the US Senate from 1978 to 1995. He is interviewed by guest host Hon. Paul Anderson, retired Justice of the MN Supreme Court. In addition to discussing today’s partisan divide in Congress, and how several decades have altered attitudes, they also talked about Durenberger’s latest book, “When Republicans Were Progressive,” and the thought processes that went into that work.

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