12-1-2017 Imam Asad Zaman

Imam Asad Zaman, of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, who has been an Access to Democracy guest on several occasions, meets guest host Prof. Richard Logan, the President of the Society of Humanistic Judaism, to discuss current prejudices and violence which have been visited on minority communities, coping with them, and moving on.
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11-17-2017 Brian Freeman, Author

Author Brian Freeman, a MN author of world renown, has thrillers represented in over 40 nations and 22 languages, and is the winner of numerous awards. He is also the #1 author sold on Amazon. A first time visitor, Brian shared his background, and writing techniques, One of his favorite subjects is Jonathan Stride, a fictional Duluth detective, who will be featured in January in a new release.
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11-17-2017 Steve Hunegs, Executive Director JCRC

Steve Hunegs, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, has been a frequent guest over the last decade. He and Alan discussed the frightening increase in prejudice and bigotry which is rampant in our society, and which has resulted in an escalation of violence and incidents of terrorism.
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11-17-2017 Hon. Paul Anderson

The Honorable Paul Anderson, who faced a mandatory age retirement from the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2013, has been more active than ever on the civic and charitable scene, and has been a guest on “Access” on three dozen occasions over the years. He has also agreed to serve as an occasional Guest Host on the program in the future.
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Congratulations, Melvin Carter!

On 22/9/2017 Mr. Carter was interviewed on Access to Democracy. He was elected on 7 November 2017 to become the new mayor of the city of St. Paul. We are very happy for you, Melvin! We are looking forward to your visit again as a mayor!

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11-03-2017 Angie Craig

Angie Craig, a Candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s Congressional District 02, who narrowly lost a 2016 race for Congress in the 2nd C.D., is again running to represent the constituents in that district. In a wide-ranging conversation, she discussed her background, which began in a trailer park with a single mom, and ended up as a Vice-President with one of the nation’s large health organizations. She stressed how her service as a member of Congress would differ from the incumbent, and those fundamental areas which Congress should focus on, to benefit the citizenry, and which are lacking in her opponent.
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