2-1-2019 Dave St. Peter, President of the Minnesota Twins

Dave St. Peter started as an intern with the Minnesota Twins in 1990, and has served as President since 2002. In his regular pre-season visit to Access to Democracy he reviewed the moves which the team has made since the 2018 season, both on the field and in the front office. A new manager and his staff, the acquisition of free agents, and young players returning to healthy status after a tough 2018 season leaves much room for optimism in 2019.


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2-1-2019 Richard Painter

Prof. Richard Painter became a household name in Minnesota during the 2018 Election season, based on his expansive knowledge of presidential politics and his service as chief ethics attorney for President George W. Bush, which resulted in frequent media appearances. In an analysis of politics today, he discussed with Alan the deep ethical problems of the current administration, and its long term ramifications on our democracy.


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2-1-2019 Sen. Jim Carlson, MN SD51

State Senator Jim Carlson, MN Senate District 51 (DFL) updates viewers on the hands-free cell phone bill, gun safety legislation, and efforts to encourage voter access, all of which he supports. As a member of the minority party in the Minnesota Senate, Sen. Carlson explains why efforts to make progress, even on issues that have bipartisan support, can be very limited and challenging. Sen. Carlson is a long-time friend of Access to Democracy and has appeared many times on our show.


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1-18-2019 Eagan Fire Department Chief Mike Scott

Eagan Fire Chief Mike Scott first joined the department as soon as he turned eighteen. Now he heads a department of over 70 fire fighters, including 18 full time members, and he discussed with Alan changing conditions in the city, new fire equipment, the city’s new fire stations, and the necessities for an evolving community. Mike was recently named Fire Officer of the Year by the Minnesota Fire Chiefs Association.


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1-18-2019 Dakota County Commissioner Joe Atkins

Dakota County Commissioner Joe Atkins talks with guest host Holly Jenkins about how Dakota County is addressing mental health training for crisis intervention, engaging in partnerships to aid those experiencing homelessness, and pursuing legislative support to increase availability of work force housing. They also discuss how Joe engages with voters and whether the County Board should start hold town hall meetings with constituents.


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1-4-2019 Melodie Bahan, Executive Director MNFilmTV

MELODIE BAHAN, the Executive Director of the MNFilmTV Commission is a first-time interview on Access to Democracy – Welcome, Melodie. In the interview, she discusses the benefits accrued for Minnesota and Minnesotans when major movie productions and television shows are shot here, economic, dollars spent in the State, increased tourism and the jobs created in many different occupations. Formerly known as “Snowbates,” MN legislation provides incentives to induce producers to work in MN. In addition, the International Independent Television Festival will take place in Duluth in October 2019, with hundreds of professionals from all over the world participating and attending.


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