5-4-2018 Prof. Richard Painter

PROF. RICHARD PAINTER, is a recent addition to the field of candidates seeking the MN DFL U.S. Senate nomination. Prof. Painter, who was the chief ethics lawyer for Pres. George W. Bush, joined the Democratic Party after years as a Republican and an Independent. A vocal opponent of our current President, he also discussed with Alan some of his stands on important issues, such as abortion and immigration.
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4-20-2018 Bill Raker, President and CEO of Firefly Credit Union

Bill Raker, President and CEO of Firefly Credit Union (formerly US Federal Credit Union), has served in these roles for almost 22 years, during which the credit union has risen to a national prominence in its field. Firefly is the first credit union to innovate with Adoption Loans, among other things, and has won national awards in recent years. Bill has been recognized individually as one of the leaders in the industry, and recently announced he will be retiring in 2019.
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4-20-2018 Vance Opperman

Vance Opperman, is one of Minnesota’s most recognizable names – an attorney, former President of West Publishing, President & CEO of Key Investment, Inc., and a principal in MSP Communications, publisher of Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine and MSP Business Journal, involved in progressive politics and many civic and charitable endeavors. Vance visits with Alan and discussed a wide variety of current and relevant topics.
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Our New Guest Host – Dr. Richard Logan

DR. RICHARD LOGAN is joining our talented group of guest hosts. Dr. Logan is a retired university professor and author. He is the President of the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

Welcome, Richard, we are delighted to have you among us!

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Sahra Noor – Healthcare Trailblazer (3-23-2018 with Stephen Blair Venable)

Sahra Noor, CEO of People’s Center Clinics and Services, has a life story much like great literature Рa complex and sometimes perilous journey of discovery ultimately resulting in the triumph of the human spirit.

In this interview, Sahra chats with guest host, Stephen Blair Venable, about her journey, social mobility, the many aspects of her personal identity, and her love of healthcare. Ultimately, Sahra wants to help resolve systemic inequities and disparities by targeting the intersections of those inequities and disparities with the issues of healthcare access and provision.

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3-23-2018 Vinnie Rose – Singer, Composer, Guitarist

Vinnie Rose is a prolific native Minnesotan who has become one of the area’s most popular entertainers. A guitarist, song writer and composer he entertained us with some of his own songs from his three released albums. With his technique of “looping” Rose explains his popularity to Alan, his ability to utilize more than 1,000 songs in his portfolio and literally, become a one-man-band. His appearance was a musical first on Access to Democracy.
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