3-22-2019 Dr. Geoffrey Thompson, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Geoffrey Thompson, a repeat guest and Mayo Clinic’s Doctor of the Year two years ago, had a fascinating interview, with slides and video, on the importance and function of the adrenal glands. Dr. Thompson specializes in both thyroid and adrenal glands surgery, has authored hundreds of articles, and is widely sought-after internationally as a speaker. Dr. Thompson has agreed to become a guest host on Access to Democracy, much to our honor.

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3-22-2019 The Ottos

Rebecca and Shawn OTTO are one of Minnesota’s best known “power” couple. After 17 years in government, Rebecca recently stepped down as MN State Auditor, where she served three terms. Shawn, an award-winning author and screenwriter, is at work on a new novel. The Ottos have spent the last several months catching up on relaxation, as they celebrate 31 years of marriage. Environmentalists before it was fashionable, they built their own wind-and-sun powered home, drive electric vehicles, and were years ahead of the climate change mania.

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3-8-2019 Jonathan Thompson, East View Geospatial

Jonathan Thompson, head of East View Geospatial in Minneapolis, discussed the wide array of service and products his company provides: Customized maps, charts and geospatial data from global sources in all categories: topographic, 3D, GIS, vector, nautical, aeronautical, geological, scientific, and imagery. His college background in linguistics led him into “linguistic geography”, the mapping of different languages across the surface of the earth. From there he got into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and thereby into his current work.

Mr. Thompson provided detail on some of his company’s services, their worldwide clients, their cooperation with countries like China and Russia in gathering and providing geospatial data, and future endeavors in the wide range of data modern satellites provide. To those of us who are still aliens in the digital world, he left us with this reassurance: There will always be paper maps.

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3-8-2019 Rick King, Executive Vice President and COO Thomson Reuters

Rick King, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for the international Thomson Reuters Corporation, has long been a friend of “Access To Democracy,” and even served as guest host on several occasions. Rick is also very involved in the Minnesota Community, and was recently named to head the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Intellectual Property. He shared information about the work of this commission, as well as discussion about MNLARS and the license plate fiasco, the Metropolitan Airport Commission, and the Metropolitan Council.

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2-22-2019 Bob Mokos

A first time guest, Bob Mokos, shares his personal experience with gun violence and how it led to his activism with Moms Demand Action for Common Sense Gun Control. Bob passionately debunks myths that legislation for universal background checks and red flag laws will take away 2nd Amendment rights, and shares with viewers how they can get involved in efforts to curb gun violence in Minnesota.

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We have a NEW Partner Program – Welcome to


We are happy to share that BEHIND THE GAME is now a partner program to Access To Democracy. Hosted by respected sports industry experts Patrick Klinger and Bill Robertson, l features half-hour interviews with notable Minnesota sports figures who discuss the business of sports and the future of the games we love.

Here is the latest episode of Behind the Game with iconic Minnesota broadcast legend Mark Rosen, who recently retired after a legendary 50-year career at WCCO TV.

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2-1-2019 Dave St. Peter, President of the Minnesota Twins

Dave St. Peter started as an intern with the Minnesota Twins in 1990, and has served as President since 2002. In his regular pre-season visit to Access to Democracy he reviewed the moves which the team has made since the 2018 season, both on the field and in the front office. A new manager and his staff, the acquisition of free agents, and young players returning to healthy status after a tough 2018 season leaves much room for optimism in 2019.


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2-1-2019 Richard Painter

Prof. Richard Painter became a household name in Minnesota during the 2018 Election season, based on his expansive knowledge of presidential politics and his service as chief ethics attorney for President George W. Bush, which resulted in frequent media appearances. In an analysis of politics today, he discussed with Alan the deep ethical problems of the current administration, and its long term ramifications on our democracy.


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