8-4-2017 Prof. David Schultz, Hamline University

PROF. DAVID SCHULTZ has been a frequent longtime guest and occasional guest host on Access to Democracy program over the last decade. Author of forty books and hundreds of articles on politics, Schultz is frequently called upon by the media for his political critiques. Here, he and Alan discuss the Trump administration and the nation’s current political situation.
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8-4-2017 Timothy Quady


TIM QUADY followed his dream in 1987 when he declined an offer to become an investment banker to pursue his heart and establish an artistic company — Blue Rhino studio of Eagan — which now has a worldwide reputation for creating and fabricating exhibits for museums and companies seeking unique artistic materials. Today, with nineteen employees, Blue Rhino’s products span the globe. They recently restored the famous glove at the Star Tribune.
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8-4-2017 Coach Mike Eaves, Men’s Hockey Coach, St. Olaf University

COACH MIKE EAVES, the men’s hockey coach at St. Olaf University, brings a lifetime of experience to the job. Eaves, a two-time All-American at Wisconsin, was a star in the NHL for eight years, coached at Wisconsin for fourteen years during which time the team won a national championship, and he has many other significant credits to his career. A first time guest, he reviewed his career and the challenges of now coaching a Division III team.
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2017-07-28 Mouli Vaidyanathan, President Solar Pod

MOULI VAIDYANATHAN, whose patented solar panels (SolarPod) are now featured on homes and businesses in 34 states, discusses with Alan the uniqueness of his design, where no nails or bolts are necessary to affix the panels to the roof (his exclusive invention), and talks of his background, the expansion of the business, and the competition in the industry, primarily from Asia, where companies receive large national subsidies.
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7-28-2017 Rep. Paul Thissen

REP. PAUL THISSEN, who recently joined the DFL field of aspiring Gubernatorial candidates, speaks of his vision for the future of Minnesota and the myriad problems which face the state government. Elected eight times to the Legislature since 2002, with as much as 80% of the vote, Thissen has served in a variety of roles, including Speaker of the House.
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7-14-2017 Teresa Nelson, Esq., MNACLU


TERESA NELSON, Esq., an attorney who is the Interim Executive Director of the Minnesota branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, discusses with Alan some of the recent successes and pending and upcoming projects of the ACLU. The organization defends the civil rights of all individuals, offering volunteer counsel and without charging legal fees.
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