5-17-2019 Mike Burbach, VP and Editor Pioneer Press

MIKE BURBACH is Vice-President and Editor of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Mike has been appearing on Access to Democracy program as a guest for 13 years. He and Alan discussed the challenges to today’s print publications, the importance of an online presence, and its expense, the IT world of communication, and special sections of the PiPress devoted to interesting MN topics, such as historical events and the many items manufactures in the state.

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5-17-2019 Patrick Klinger and Bill Robertson

PATRICK KLINGER and BILL ROBERTSON, both longtime friends of Access to Democracy program, and recognized for their expertise in their fields – Patrick in sports advertising, marketing and creativity, and Bill, as President and Commissioner of the Men’s division of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association – shared their passion for sports leading to the creation of their TV show, “Behind the Game,” and the many notable guests who have appeared since its premiere in December, 2017.

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5-3-2019 Bill Raker

Bill Raker, former CEO of Firefly Federal Credit Union, and a oft-times guest on our program, as guest as well as guest-host, has come on the show on a very short notice – Thank you Bill! He tells about his very recent sojourn in London, then veered to discuss various elements of financial consumer fraud, which he has fought for years in his work at Firefly. Bill is an expert in this topic, and brings along a wealth of information on prevention measures and education to consumers.

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5-3-2019 Steve Hunegs, Executive Director JCRC

Steve Hunegs, has been an Access to Democracy guest for over a dozen years. He is the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, as well as an attorney. Steve discussed the Holocaust Remembrance Day activities, sponsored by JCRC, which had over 650 people attending a memorable program. He and Alan also talked about the escalating bigotry and violence in our lives, the causes of it, and hope for solutions.

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5-3-2019 Hon. Judge David Knutson

Hon. Judge David Knutson was one of our program’s first guests nearly twenty years ago, and was a member of the Minnesota Legislature at that time. Now completing his fifteenth year in the District Court of Dakota County, he was named Assistant Chief Judge two years ago. Judge Knutson was also active in creating the popular “Warrant Day” where people can dispose of outstanding warrants without being picked up by police, a practice being emulated in other counties.

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4-19-2019 Dr. Tim Miller, MD, Hospitalist

DR. TIM MILLER, with 33 years of practice in Minnesota, is a hospitalist, a physician who practices in clinics and rehab facilities, working with patients released from hospitals, or who are recovering from a variety of ailments and injuries. As such, he sees patients in the facilities on a regular basis to care for their medical needs during recuperation.

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4-19-2019 David Housewright, Author

DAVID HOUSEWRIGHT, one of Minnesota’s most popular and successful thriller novelists, returns to Access to Democracy to discuss his latest novel, Kill All the Lawyers released in January and enjoys very good reviews and sales. His newest novel, Dead Man’s Mistress, will be released on May 21, 2019. Most of Housewright’s novels feature well known or popular Minnesota locations.

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4-5-2019 Senator Scott Jensen, MN SD 47

Senator Scott Jensen, MN SD 47, is a graduate of dental school, medical school, and is one of two practicing physicians in the MN Senate. A Republican, Jensen regularly reaches across the aisle to sponsor or lend his name to legislation he feels are worthwhile or should at least get a hearing, and has also become one of the leading healthcare advocates in the Legislature.

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