5-19-2017 Sen. Matt Klein (SD-52) and Hon. Paul Anderson, retired MN Supreme Court Justice

SEN. MATT KLEIN SD-52, an internist/physician serving his first term in the MN Senate was surprised to see one of his constituents sitting with Alan for his interview — Justice Paul Anderson (MN Sup. Ct. ret.). Discussing his first term, his ability to work across the aisle and with other Senators, Sen. Klein turned the tables when he asked Justice Anderson, “Did you vote for me?”
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5-19-2017 Hon. Justice Paul Anderson MN Supreme Court (ret.)

Hon. Justice Paul Anderson, who retired from the MN Supreme Court in 2013, has been a frequent guest and occasional host on Access to Democracy. Widely respected both nationally and internationally, he and Alan always have wide-ranging discussions on law, politics, the Constitution and the state of both the state and the nation.
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5-12-2017 Access to Democracy at Cedarvale Bowling Alley

Occasionally, Access to Democracy films a program at location. We have been at Cedarvale Bowling before and enjoyed it. This is an opportunity to expose young talent at the location where they can show off their skills.

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5-5-2017 Mark Frascone, IREB

MARK FRASCONE, an Eagan resident, is the founder of the local Indivisible group, IREBIndivisible Resistance of Eagan and Burnsville, formed after the 2016 election to give local citizens more of a voice in government. They have swelled to 400 members, conducted rallies and peaceful protests, and have become an avenue for concerned citizens to become involved in the political process and make their voices heard without party affiliation. You can the group at ireb.indivisible@gmail.com or contact Mark in person at markfrascone@gmail.com.
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5-5-2017 Prof. Alejandro Baer

Prof. Alejandro Baer of the University of Minnesota Holocaust and Genocide center, dedicated to its founder, the late Prof. Stephen Feinstein, discusses with Alan some of the many problems facing minorities around the world today, including the increase in violence, the proliferation of hate groups, and the need for tolerance and education.
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5-5-2017 Mike Scott, Eagan Fire Department

Eagan Fire Chief Mike Scott has seen tremendous changes in the department since he took the post in 2006. From a family in which his father was Eagan’s first Chief, and his sister was the first female in the department, Mike has overseen tremendous modernization, the construction of three new “firehouses” and the implementation of new engines and techniques.
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