7-27-2018 Ruth Covell Allen

RUTH COVELL ALLEN is a marketer, former television personality and bassoonist of note. She is also Alan’s first cousin. In an interview entitled “La Familia” the cousins talked about their lives, families, and reminiscences from their early days until today, also touching on some topical subjects and highlights of Ruth’s interesting and varied career.
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7-27-2018 Hon. Paul Anderson

HON. PAUL ANDERSON, Minnesota Supreme Court (ret.) Justice has been a frequent guest and guest host on Access to Democracy program. He and Alan waded into the myriad of issues facing voters in the 2018 election, both national and statewide, from the proposed U.S. Supreme Court nomination as well as challenging cases, to the immigration crisis, constitutional, Bill of Rights and redistricting matters.
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7-27-2019 Prof. Richard Painter, Candidate for US Senate

Prof. Richard Painter, of the Minnesota College of Law and former chief ethics lawyer for Pres. George W. Bush is seeking the nomination of the DFL to the US Senate, for the seat held by Sen. Tina Smith. Guest Host Prof. David Schultz, one of Minnesota’s best known political experts, questions Painter on a variety of issues and topics in a far-reaching discussion. Painter has challenged Smith to a debate, a challenge left unanswered.
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7-13-2018 Hon. David Lillehaug, Minnesota Supreme Court

Hon. DAVID LILLEHAUG, who sits on the Minnesota Supreme Court, was selected by Gov. Dayton to replace Hon. Paul Anderson upon Anderson’s in 2013, has a spirited conversation with guest host Stephen Blair Venable on court life, personal life and responsibilities. The Justice now handles attorney discipline cases for the court. He was previously the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota, among other governmental positions he held.
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7-13-2018 Ken Martin, Chair DFL

KEN MARTIN not only serves as the Chair of the Minnesota DFL, but he was recently elected as a national DCCC vice-chair, and he’s been traveling the country for Democratic candidates in the upcoming election. Serving his fourth term locally, Ken’s leadership resulted in DFLers winning all of the MN constitutional offices. He and Alan talked about the challenges in the upcoming Election, with so many offices up for election, both nationally and locally.
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7-13-2018 Sen. Jim Carlson, MN SD51

Sen. JIM CARLSON MN senate District 51, has been a regular on Access to Democracy show since 2002, during which time he has also run for, and won, a seat in the House, and multiple terms in the MN Senate. Jim and Alan dissected the recent legislative session in MN, with its many shortcomings, and the 2018 Election that will begin with the Primary Elections only weeks away, the first national test for voters in the “Trump” era.
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