11-30-2018 Phil Riveness and Bill Schreiber

Former 3-term House and 3-term Senate member Phil Riveness (DFL), and former 9-term House member Bill Schreiber (GOP) came to Access to Democracy and discussed with guest-host Richard Logan how bipartisanship worked a couple of decades ago compared to today.

These retired public servants shared stories about finding common ground on issues to keep the state functioning well. Minnesotans benefited from this “good government” ethic. While disagreeing on HOW to solve problem, Republicans and Democrats agreed on the facts surrounding issues in MN.

Among other reasons, bipartisanship worked then because of the informal gatherings of legislators who mingled socially and got to know each other personally. Arranged trips took urban legislators to meet rural constituents, and vice versa. These activities built mutual understanding, trust, and a collegial culture among the legislators.

   [ Richard Logan ]

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